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December 21, 2023 | Categories Featured, Fundraising Strategies

6 Proven Tactics to Inspire Last-Minute Donations

When entering the final stretch of the year, nonprofits are presented with an incredible opportunity! Did you know that 10% of annual giving occurs in the final three days of December? Supporters are eager to take advantage of tax deductions and make a lasting impact.

In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, donors often find themselves with limited time, where convenience becomes a key factor. Yet, even in the rush, last-minute gifts can still make a substantial difference for organizations, and it’s not too late to ask.

To help you make the most of this crucial period, we’ve outlined six proven year-end fundraising tactics designed to quickly boost donations with minimal planning.

6 Proven Tactics to Inspire Last-Minute Donations

1. Email outreach

Send compelling, concise emails that resonate and instill a sense of urgency. Include a user-friendly donation form link, and schedule emails to land in inboxes around 10 am for optimal visibility and engagement.

When you’re short on time, focusing on nurturing existing relationships proves more effective than acquiring new ones. Identify donors who gave last year but have not yet done so this year, also known as LYBUNT (last year but unfortunately not this). In DonorPerfect, easily generate a report and initiate outreach through targeted emails.

DonorPerfect Report Center.

2. Homepage modifications

With no time for a full website redesign, simply update your homepage to highlight giving. Set the donation form as the landing page, or prominently display your donation button. The easier the donation experience, the better.

3. Social media presence

Frequently share donation appeals across social channels in the final weeks of the year. Supporters check these sites multiple times per day, making them ideal for last-minute outreach. Use eye-catching visuals and compelling messages to capture their attention.

4. Matching gifts

Seize the power of double donations through matching gift programs. Promote yours if applicable, or encourage supporters to inquire with their employers.

Pro tip: Create a matching gift program with the help of your board. Given that many nonprofit board members make contributions, securing their commitment is likely to be straightforward. If nine board members each already pledged $1,000, communicate to your supporters that the board will match donations up to the initial $9,000 received by December 31.

Double the Donation

5. Crowdfunding

Encourage your supporters to share their own fundraising pages through crowdfunding. Peer-to-peer campaigns empower donors to amplify their impact by mobilizing their family and friends.

6. Text-message marketing

Engage supporters of all generations through text messaging. Send compelling messages with a clear call-to-action to prompt immediate responses.

Harness the power of text messaging to raise funds for your nonprofit with DP Text. Getting set up only takes a few steps.

Mockup of DP Text

As you navigate these crucial days, remember that your dedication and passion matter. The end of the year is more than just a deadline; it’s an opportunity to unite, inspire, and create lasting change. Together, let’s make this end-of-year push a resounding success for your cause. For additional tips to enhance your end-of-year strategies, visit our hub and download your free Year-End Fundraising Bundle below!

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