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How to Craft Your Giving Tuesday Email Strategy

Your Giving Tuesday email strategy can be the deciding factor in whether you achieve the day’s big fundraising goal on December 3rd. Use an email marketing tool that integrates with your nonprofit’s CRM to track donors’ engagement with your Giving Tuesday communications, so there’s no need to guess what is resonating with your supporters.

Start out by analyzing which subject lines garnered high open rates so you can replicate similar language in this year’s campaign. Next, determine your click-to-open rate on each of your Giving Tuesday emails. For those that performed well, note what kinds of messaging and calls to action resulted in above-average engagement.

Compile a document of your Giving Tuesday takeaways with a summary of the campaign elements that helped you best connect with donors and be sure to incorporate them in your emails for this year.

Finally, consider adding some fresh aspects to your Giving Tuesday email campaign. This 24-hour giving celebration provides your organization with the perfect opportunity to explore new terrain such as:

After all, you never know. The Giving Tuesday wild card addition you choose this year could be what carries you all the way to your goal.

Get Started with These Giving Tuesday Email Templates and Timeline

These email send dates will help you get the word out and keep your supporters updated on your Giving Tuesday goal progress throughout the day. Check out the corresponding template for each one below.

Before #GivingTuesday

  • Campaign Reveal Email: November 5th (Access the template below.)
  • Social Media Ambassador Emails: November 19th
  • GivingTuesday Reminder Email: December 2nd (Access the template below.)

On #GivingTuesday (Access these templates below.)

  • It’s Here Email: December 3rd 8:00 AM
  • Giving Tuesday Goal Update: December 3rd 4:00 PM
  • Last Call Update: December 3rd 8:00 PM

Campaign Reveal Email: November 5th

Subject Line: Our 2019 Giving Tuesday Fundraising Campaign is…

#GivingTuesday Reminder Email: December 2nd

Subject Line: [CAMPAIGN NAME] [Example: Giving Foods-Day] for Giving Tuesday starts tomorrow!

It’s Here Email: December 3rd 8:00 AM

Subject Line: Give now to support [CAMPAIGN NAME] [Example: Giving Foods-Day] for Giving Tuesday!

#GivingTuesday Goal Update: December 3rd 4:00 PM

Subject Line: Giving Tuesday Goal Update: We need your help. Just [#] [Example: 8] hours left!

Last Call Update: December 3rd 8:00 PM

Subject Line: Last chance! Help us reach our Giving Tuesday goal. Just [#] [Example: 4] hours left!

What Kind of Emails Should I Send After Giving Tuesday?

Need some help with follow-up emails? We have templates for that, too!

  • Giving Tuesday Thank You Email: December 4th
  • Welcome Email to New Donors: December 10th
  • Giving Tuesday Impact Email: January 2nd

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