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Fundraising Ideas for Your Giving Tuesday Donation Page

Giving Tuesday is the time for your organization to shine online. It’s a worldwide generosity movement that gains traction way beyond your immediate community – millions of people come together through social media, crowdfunding, and more to make a global impact. It even has its own hashtag to easily expand your reach.

That’s why a dedicated online donation form is so essential to the success of your Giving Tuesday campaign. You can use the communication channels that make the most sense for your mission, including direct mail and phone calls, with all roads leading back to the same online giving page – making sure it’s seen and that reporting is a breeze.

Don’t have one yet? Not a problem. You can build a Giving Tuesday donation page in minutes – one that’s customized to your campaign and integrates with your fundraising system to eliminate manual tasks.

Let’s start with some steps to create your Giving Tuesday donation form, and then discuss creative ways to share it far and wide!

Step 1: Integrate, Step 2: Style, Step 3: Test

Giving Tuesday Donation Form Step 1: Integrate

A must-have feature of your Giving Tuesday donation form is integrated payment processing.

When your gift processing tools integrate with your fundraising system, you can collect online, monthly, and mobile donations that will flow directly into your database – with no manual data entry on your part. Think of all the time you’ll save that can be spent on your year-end efforts instead.

Your payment tools should be PCI-compliant to ensure that your gift data and donor payment information are secure. Your payment tools will also allow you to manage any payments that couldn’t be processed.

Giving Tuesday Donation Form Step 2: Style

Out of the hundreds of thousands of donation forms that will go up for Giving Tuesday, make yours unmistakably you!

Did you know that donors are 6x more likely to give when you brand a donation form with your logo and colors? This is mainly because a professional, well-designed donation form inspires trust in your organization – donors know that their donation will reach its destination safely and securely. You can even include photos and graphics that are relevant to your Giving Tuesday campaign theme.

Giving Tuesday Donation Form Step 3: Test

The last thing you want is glitches, misspellings, and broken links on the big day.

Before Giving Tuesday, test the form with your staff, or – for fundraisers who are an army of one – test it yourself! Try all of your different form features – review your copy and photos, make a one-time donation, make a monthly donation, opt-in to covering processing fees, and make sure the form is properly integrated with your fundraising system to eliminate manual entry before go-live.

Creative ways to share your Giving Tuesday donation form

The success of your Giving Tuesday campaign is all about organization and discoverability. Just like pulling off a major event, it takes a lot of planning and cleanup. But all of that time spent could go to waste if your campaign isn’t easily discoverable.

  1. Your website – During your campaign window, you can edit the donation button on your website’s homepage so that it links to your Giving Tuesday form.
  2. Your social media – Since your supporters will find out about different campaigns through the #GivingTuesday hashtag, make sure they know how and where to support yours! Cover all bases that apply: add your donation form link to the about section of your Facebook page, your Twitter description, your Instagram bio, your LinkedIn page, and any posts you share promoting your campaign before, during, and after the big day.
  3. Your paid ads – You do have the option to boost your Giving Tuesday social media posts with paid advertisements on Facebook and other social media. This ensures that all of your followers will see your posts – especially your target audience.
  4. Your videos – If you use a streaming service like YouTube or Vimeo to host videos introducing your staff, giving a tour of your foundation, interviewing a beneficiary, or explaining your campaign, you can include your Giving Tuesday donation form link at the end of the video or in the description.
  5. Your emails – For a quick and easy catch-all, you can add your donation form link to your email signature if you plan on emailing donors directly. If using an email service like Constant Contact, you can add the link to your Giving Tuesday template, and perform a mail merge within your fundraising system to send personalized emails to segmented lists.
  6. Your direct mail – If your Giving Tuesday campaign takes advantage of direct mail, you can include your donation link on your postcards and letters. Better and easier yet – include a QR code that leads supporters straight to your form from their mobile devices.
  7. Your other forms – Don’t forget that you can cross-promote your Giving Tuesday campaign by linking to it on your main donation page, or in the confirmation email that a supporter gets when they register for an event, sign up to volunteer, or join your mailing list.

At DonorPerfect, we believe that the most successful campaigns are born out of collaboration, especially when it comes to Giving Tuesday because it requires fundraisers to be extra creative to cut through the noise. It’s important to us that you don’t feel alone in crafting your campaign. Each year, we spend time listening to your needs to develop Giving Tuesday resources that will help you exceed your goals. Seeing any Giving Tuesday trends that you’re excited to try, but not sure how to execute? Let us know in the comments!

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