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Small & Growing Nonprofit Organizations

Best Fundraising software for Small and Growing Nonprofits

With DonorPerfect, you’ll quickly find that managing your fundraising is easier than ever. DonorPerfect organizes all your donor information in one database, making it easy to stay close to your best supporters, track gifts, send thank you notes, produce fundraising appeals and track campaign effectiveness.

With our 30-day money back guarantee, you can see how using DonorPerfect can give you more time and help you raise more funds for your cause — without any risk!

  • The most functionality at the lowest cost – You get all of the features you need for thousands less than similar systems. Plus, you can choose between an online and an installed version.

  • Spend less and get more donations – Our customers consistently raise more funds (nearly double the national average).

  • Top rated fundraising software Easy to learn and use The NTEN Consumer Guide* says “DonorPerfect has as strong functionality as any system we reviewed…and they are laid out to be among the easiest to use.”
  • Helps everyone to be more productive and get more done – DonorPerfect customers tell us they process and acknowledge donations 80% faster than their old way.

Special Offer! DonorPerfect Online for Growing Organizations

If you have fewer than 500 donor records, we have a special offer for you on our web-based version – DonorPerfect Online.

All the power, speed and features of DonorPerfect Online are available to small and growing nonprofits at a fraction of our normal prices.  A volume-based monthly subscription fee provides all the simplicity and flexibility that DonorPerfect is known for, while taking full advantage of the power and accessibility of the Web.

DonorPerfect Online allows your organization to:

  • Access fundraising information anytime and anywhere.
  • Eliminate the cost of installing, maintaining and upgrading software and hardware.
  • Benefit from secure, professionally managed operations.
  • Minimize your upfront investment with low, volume-based monthly fees.

You can get started for as little as $39 a month (includes Recorded Training Webinars), and you can try it without any risk with our 30 day money-back guarantee!

See why small and growing nonprofits think DonorPerfect is the best fundraising software to meet their unique needs and grow their organization!

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