SofterWare’s mission is simple: Create and support products and services that reduce work for our clients by being delightfully easy to use, reliable, and affordable.  I feel this mission is just as important today as when SofterWare was founded over 30 years ago.  Over the years,  we’ve worked hard to fulfill that mission. We’ve certainly enhanced our products in many ways,  and helped thousands of organizations to take advantage of rapidly evolving technology.  Despite that success, I believe we still have many opportunities to do even better. Over the last several months, the SofterWare leadership team has been working on a series of initiatives designed to make our products & services easier to use, more reliable, and even more affordable.   Many of these ideas will require a lot of time and work, but they are really exciting and we’re looking forward to introducing them to our clients throughout 2013 and beyond. In the process of refocusing on fulfilling our mission,  I’ve been reminded of a few important lessons, which I wanted to  share  since they may apply to your organization’s mission as well:
  1. Your ability to achieve your mission increases dramatically when everyone in the organization understands and is  excited by the mission & vision for the organization.
  2. The first and most important step in building engagement in the mission is to communicate it regularly and to seek  input from everyone on how the organization — and even more importantly — on how they can help achieve the mission.
  3. Never be satisfied.   Not only are there are always opportunities to improve, but that “challenge” is what inspires creativity and ultimately provides the reward that I’ve always felt is most important:  pride in what you’ve accomplished.
by Emily Patz

Feb 25 13
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