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How DonorPerfect Fundraising Software Helps Nonprofits Work From Home

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With measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in full effect, we understand that nonprofits are feeling the impact both financially and operationally.

Here at DonorPerfect, we want to help you the best way we can. That’s why we’re putting together a plethora of free resources, including a guide to event alternatives and on-demand webinars highlighting the tools and information available to help your entire team work successfully from home.

Can I use fundraising software from home?

When you use a cloud-based nonprofit CRM like DonorPerfect, you’re well-equipped to take your fundraising operation with you anywhere. From seasoned staff members to short-term volunteers, everyone who you’ve given the access to will be able to perform their fundraising tasks online.

As nonprofits across the country adopt tele-work and work-from-home policies, DonorPerfect allows nonprofit fundraising staff and volunteers to collaborate and effectively work remotely while staying on track with nonprofit mission goals.

Check out these 11 ways DonorPerfect makes it easier to collaborate, from wherever you are.

#1: Login from anywhere.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can log into DonorPerfect at at any time, from wherever you are.

#2: Add new users as you need them.

Volunteers stepping in to help? Create a user ID for everyone on your team so you can all be logged in and working at the same time. Any updates you make within your system will be updated in real-time across all users, so everyone has access to the same data.

Make It Happen: How to Add New Users in DonorPerfect

#3: Tailor user permissions as you see fit.

Hey, we all make mistakes, and without the in-office collaboration to catch them, it makes sense to have measures in place to prevent them.

For example, you can restrict the ability to process payments, delete records, or make global data changes for volunteers and specific team members.

Make It Happen: How to Edit Permissions

#4: Train new or temporary staff quickly.

Let us take care of training your staff on the fundamentals of DonorPerfect so you can address matters that may need your immediate attention. The DonorPerfect Welcome Center walks new users through tasks like basic data entry and reporting the moment they log in.

In addition to the Welcome Center, DonorPerfect newbies can register for free training webinars just for beginners.

For more advanced training or for help adapting to new best practices, as they’re being defined, please contact our Training Team at 888-220-8111 or

Make It Happen: Register for New User Training Webinars

#5: Maintain data entry protocols.

Set data entry defaults for information that never changes from record to record and use SmartScreens to make data entry easier. SmartScreens enables users to hide unnecessary fields and sections or make certain fields required when a specific option is selected.

Make It Happen: How to Set Data Entry Defaults and Design Your Screens with SmartScreens

#6: Automate tasks… and smiles.

SmartActions help keep your workflows in order by enabling your team to set criteria that automatically trigger a desired action.

For example, you can tell SmartActions to email your director to call the generous donor when a gift of $500 or more is entered into your system. You can even brighten a staff member’s day with SmartActions by scheduling a cute puppy video to pop up the moment they add a new record.

Make It Happen: How to Use SmartActions


#7: Let your monthly giving program run itself.

DonorPerfect’s Monthly Giving can be set to automatically process on the days and frequencies your donors choose. If you prefer to manually process your recurring gifts, you’ll be reminded to process those that are due, the moment you log in to DonorPerfect. For both methods, DonorPerfect will automatically send receipts to donors thanking them for their gifts.

Don’t have a monthly giving program? Get the free Monthly Giving Starter Kit and launch yours today or contact our Training Team to help you get started at 888.220.8111 or

Make It Happen: Process Monthly Gifts Automatically and Set Up Monthly Giving Receipts

#8: Stay aligned around your metrics.

Need to get data to your whole team, so you can make an informed decision together? Once you run your customized report, you can immediately email it to stakeholders or schedule it to send at a more appropriate time. No login required.

Team members with DonorPerfect logins can access quick metrics through a communal dashboard, as well as run all the same reports found in the Fundraising Report Center. Any new reports you create will be added for everyone to see.

Make It Happen: Schedule Your Custom Report

#9: Keep your communications consistent.

With the ability to store your letter and thank you email templates in DonorPerfect, you can rest assured that your team is using the right ones. For other email communications, your Constant Contact account is synced with DonorPerfect, so your team can stay in-tune with what’s already been sent.

Make It Happen: Pair Constant Contact with DonorPerfect

#10: Avoid double sending thank-yous.

With many hands on deck, it’s easy for tasks to overlap. When it comes to thank-yous, DonorPerfect keeps the record straight. Once you merge your letters or send emails through DonorPerfect Receipting, gift records instantly update to reflect that they’ve been acknowledged and are removed from the queue.

Make It Happen: Automate Donation Acknowledgements

#11: Lean on us for support.

No matter how long social distancing is required, we’re here for you. Despite working remotely, our top-rated Support Team is fully equipped to provide the same excellent service by phone, email, or chat.

The team at DonorPerfect cannot thank you enough for your continued efforts to help the world’s most vulnerable populations, especially at a time like this. We’ll continue to monitor new developments related to the coronavirus pandemic in order to provide you with the most relevant resources.

Most of the features listed here are already included in your DonorPerfect plan. If you’d like to learn more about DonorPerfect or a certain feature, tell us a little bit about yourself in the form below, and a member of our team will be in touch.

Equip Your Team to Succeed Wherever They Are with DonorPerfect

Written by Laura Bucher
  1. Ruth permalink
    We use Mail chimp now. Can we integrate those contacts into Constant Contact if that is what you use.? Is the Constant Contact account included with your software system.
    • Emily Patz permalink
      Hi Ruth, Constant Contact is included in most DonorPerfect subscriptions and it allows you to easily export your Mail Chimp contacts. Check out our packages here: To learn more about DonorPerfect and Constant Contact, call 800.220.8111. Our DonorPerfect sales team will be happy to speak with you!
  2. Thank you for this information. It was a nice reminder about some of the ways that we can continue to work effectively from home.
    • Emily Patz permalink
      Hi there, Michelle. You're very welcome! We wish you and your organization our best in these challenging times.
  3. To register for free training webinars just for new volunteers?.
  4. Oliver Mukosa Bwalya permalink
    This information couldn't have come at no time better than this.Thank you. Can you help setup our website?
    • Emily Patz permalink
      Hi there Oliver, Our team would be happy to help you with getting set up to raise money online using DonorPerfect. Please call 800.220.8111 and they'll be sure to assist you with whatever you need - from your donation form to an awesome partner of ours called GiveCloud that can help you with your website.

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