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Hands Free Fundraising: Using SmartActions to Get the Job Done

Simplify Your Fundraising Workflow with SmartActions

This is one answer that can solve 10,000 questions automatically. Seem too good to be true? Check out our SmartActions.

We just added a great new video to our Knowledgebase that explains how to get started using SmartActions in DonorPerfect. A SmartAction is one of the many features that does the work for you. Simply put, it tells DonorPerfect to automatically do something (an action) when certain conditions are met.

Examples of SmartActions

  • Send automatic emails to Board Members, the Director of Development, and other staff members when a major gift is entered over $1,000 etc.
  • Send an automatic email to your database administrator with all the details of the gift entries that are deleted.
  • Create a pop-up to alert staff of donors that need to be handled with care because of unique situations.
  • Create automated to-do lists and reminders to follow up with individuals. For example, create a reminder with a scheduled due date for all large gifts to be personally thanked by a member of your leadership team.
  • Update several fields with data automatically when certain parameters are met. This will help you save time from entering repetitive data that can often be overlooked or forgotten.

DonorPerfect clients can click here to learn more about the most versatile feature in DonorPerfect in our Knowledgebase.

Don’t yet have DonorPerfect? Learn more about SmartActions here.

Written by Ally Orlando
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