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Online Fundraising Software Features

See how DonorPerfect nonprofit CRM partners with your team to help you save time, raise money, and engage donors.

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Your one-stop-shop for donor management and fundraising

Cultivate and engage donors, raise money, and automate administrative tasks – all with a single nonprofit CRM.

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Keep nonprofit data organized and secure

Store your donor and gift data in perfectly organized, report-ready profiles that show why a donor gives and how to engage them

Unified constituent database

By maintaining a single comprehensive donor database, you can achieve the kinds of administrative goals that feel impossible to manage.

  • Access data to advise organizational strategies and tactics
  • Save time by eliminating the need for double data entry
  • Ensure your staff and board are equipped with accurate data
  • Maintain a single history of contacts and financial transactions

Fundraising CRM customization and flexibility

DonorPerfect’s flexibility allows you to easily customize your system and record screens to collect and display data in the way that works best for your staff.

Comprehensive constituent relations management

With features such as relational “household” records, you can cross-reference all your records for family, employer, and other relationships. Soft credits create links between records, so you can understand relationships and gift influencers for better targeting, conversations, and acknowledgements.

Advanced data import tool

Import and update names, mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, gifts, codes, and pledges. Advanced logic automatically matches data between your import file and DonorPerfect, even for customized fields.

Advanced batch entry

Enter gifts and pledges in batches to speed up data entry and reduce errors. Tailor your data entry screens for efficiency with the help of templates. Line items include: split gifts, tributes, notifications, matching gifts, applications towards pledges, and soft credits.

User-based security

Control who can access, view, or update data throughout your system, from board members to volunteers. Different levels of access ensure donor data security and help optimize workflows based on organizational roles. Permissions can be added or revoked at any time to reflect board or staffing changes.

Hosted file storage

DonorPerfect provides a full-featured virtual office and filing system. Link documents, spreadsheets, photos, and other important materials to a donor, gift, pledge, or transaction record in DonorPerfect. The file is automatically uploaded and stored on our secure servers and can be accessed anywhere by anyone who is given access rights to the data.

Multi-site advanced security

Specify which records a user can access within your database.

For example, a chapter-based organization may want to set security filters so that a user from the Ohio chapter only sees records where the chapter field = Ohio. Likewise, the Kentucky user only sees chapter = Kentucky. The Midwest regional manager may be granted access to all records from the midwest chapter = Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, or Michigan, etc.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Extend your ability to integrate your DonorPerfect database with apps and other third-party tools that can enhance your fundraising results and streamline your workflows.

Automatic nightly address refresh

DP Address Updater offers nightly address refreshes against the National Change of Address (NCOA) database to ensure you have the most up-to-date information for your donors. You’ll also get bulk mail discounts through the US Postal Service and demographic information added directly to your donors’ profiles. DP Address Updater is available only in the United States, and free for the first year with a new purchase of DonorPerfect.

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Streamline your fundraising and development efforts

DonorPerfect takes work off your hands so you can focus on your mission. Delegate administrative tasks to a smart and effective nonprofit CRM so you can engage in the activities that require a personal touch.

  • Automate tasks like emails, new contact transactions, and alerts based on triggers, like new gifts above a certain amount.
  • Assign tasks to your team, schedule due dates, and create calendars to manage the workload.
  • Use online forms to eliminate data entry of gifts, surveys, volunteer time sheets, etc.
  • Automate gift receipting for recurring donations, creating a monthly giving program that practically runs itself.
  • Create and manage donor journeys with the automatic creation of next steps as a donor navigates through the process.

Send email drip campaigns with Constant Contact and use dynamic, personalized content to keep your supporters informed.

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Build effective and informed campaign strategies 

Choose a CRM that is intelligent enough to help you build smart fundraising strategies and make smart financial decisions. Use the data at your fingertips to inform your appeals and goals to conquer your mission.

  • Multi-year giving trend reports
  • Solicitation reports that illustrate your return on investment
  • Visual fundraising goal meters upon logging in
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Strengthen donor relationships to build community

Cultivating donors is essential to sustainable fundraising. DonorPerfect can help you to foster a sense of community among your supporters by tracking the details about your constituents that matter most. 

  • Track donor relationships (employers, spouses, parent and child, alumni, etc.)
  • Easily identify statuses like monthly donor, major donor, and volunteer
  • Link to social media profiles 
  • Keep a visual of at-a-glance details like most recent gift, largest gift, and lifetime giving
  • Add photos to constituent profiles to familiarize staff with donors
  • Create links between gifts to identify influencers for better targeting and acknowledgements.
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Establish open communication with your team

DonorPerfect is a one-stop solution for all of the roles that make your organization run. Board members, volunteers, development directors, and all staff can use and benefit from DonorPerfect. 

  • Tailored permission levels for any role and skill level
  • Online access 
  • Shared reports and filters
  • Organization dashboards for unified goals and announcements
  • Shared documents can be uploaded to donor files
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Create a centralized technology hub

DonorPerfect functions as your home base, allowing you to integrate with multiple softwares. Connecting systems together eliminates the need for duplicated data entry and provides a comprehensive view of the inner workings of your organization. We partner with software solutions like QuickBooks, Constant Contact, DonorSearch, and GiveCloud among many others.

Institute a multi-faceted fundraising approach

Fundraising with a multi-pronged strategy will help your organization to meet the giving preferences of all of your donors. Managing different approaches can be difficult, but DonorPerfect makes it easy. Here are some examples of fundraising efforts that DonorPerfect handles expertly:

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Entrust your data to a secure environment

DonorPerfect is a cloud-based platform that provides high-level encryption and maintains proper safety protocols. We monitor our infrastructure and regularly conduct security assessments with a third party vendor.

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Maintain healthy, ready-to-use data

DonorPerfect offers many tools to ensure that your data is accurate and effective. Nothing is worse than putting a fundraising effort on hold to handle something like address cleanup. Make sure your data is always ready at a moment’s notice.

  • Automatic nightly address refresh
  • Duplicate donor notifications 
  • Global updates for easy cleanup
  • Credit card updater

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