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What is Giving Tuesday?

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2.Facts & Figures

See the impact of last year’s Giving Tuesday.

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3.Giving Tuesday 101

Learn how to set up your Giving Tuesday campaign for success.

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4.Your Game Plan

Plan your post times before the big day.

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5.Go For the Goal

Check out 5 tools to supercharge your fundraising on, before, and beyond Giving Tuesday.

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6.Wrap Up

Congratulations! You’re ready to make this your best Giving Tuesday yet.

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#GivingTuesday 2017 Logo

Giving Tuesday is a global holiday that celebrates generosity and kindness by giving to nonprofit organizations all around the world. In the same way that Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off the holiday buying season, Giving Tuesday kicks off the giving season, highlighting the true meaning of what this time of year is all about. This philanthropic holiday sets itself apart as a social media celebration, hence the hashtag you often see associated with it (#GivingTuesday). Donors who give to charities on Giving Tuesday often share about their favorite causes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and encourage their friends to give, too.

Giving Tuesday falls on the Tuesday following American Thanksgiving each year. In 2017, it will be celebrated on November 28th.

Be sure you don’t miss out on the millions of Giving Tuesday donation dollars that can fuel your cause.

See why #GivingTuesday is a day to spread the word about doing good for others.

Video: What is Giving Tuesday

and 168 Million Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Join in on the Fun

On #GivingTuesday in 2016,

people gave 1,560,000 donations to 40,000 nonprofits based in 98 countries.

Giving Tuesday raised $168 million dollars in 24 hours.

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5 Tried-and-True Giving Tuesday Campaign Best Practices from a Seasoned Executive Director

As Executive Director of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Melissa Sciacca leverages over a decade of experience in wildlife conservation to support, promote, and expand her organization.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has been rescuing and rehabilitating elephants and rhinos in East Africa for 40 years. Their multi-faceted approach to conservation includes their Orphans Project, anti-poaching and surveillance efforts, and community education and outreach.

As a result of the collaborative efforts of both development professionals and conservation experts in both the United States and East Africa, at-risk and orphaned elephants and rhinos can successfully be returned to their wild lives and form their own herds or join herds of fellow graduate animals.

This incredible undertaking is fueled by the generosity of their passionate supporters. And that critical enthusiasm wouldn’t be possible without Melissa’s commitment to perfecting the art of engaging her constituents year-round and on Giving Tuesday.

In the years since its inception, Melissa and her team have achieved enormous Giving Tuesday fundraising success.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Giving Tuesday Campaign

Copyright The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Here are her top tips to help you get more gifts on the nonprofit community’s biggest day of the year.

1. Create original content that compels people to give.

“So much of our fundraising and retention efforts are centered around rich content,“ Melissa says. “We connect our supporters to the work we’re doing on the ground in ways they can relate to. It takes a lot of effort to maintain that connection between our work in Africa and our donors in the states, but we create content that shows our mission as something people want to get behind.”

2. Make your Giving Tuesday ask goal-oriented.

“Be specific about what you’re asking them for so they can see a direct impact.” she advises. “Nonprofits fall into a trap of generating a general ask on Giving Tuesday when they should be promoting a specific campaign.” Think compelling, creative, fun. A memorable campaign is a successful one.

3. Offer an added benefit to participating on Giving Tuesday.

Melissa says, “Be sure to motivate your supporters with a reason to give beyond the fact that it’s Giving Tuesday.” For example, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust obtains sponsors so they can offer matched giving. Ask yourself, “What makes this ask different than any of the other ones we do?”

4. Set yourself apart from the rest of the participating nonprofits.

“Every nonprofit is competing for space on Giving Tuesday, so you’ve got to do something that makes you stand out.” Melissa believes it’s best to flip the script and “customize Giving Tuesday to your mission. Show supporters the direct alignment in your messaging and marketing,”

5. Learn from your Giving Tuesday experience.

The day after Giving Tuesday is a day to celebrate your successes, pinpoint opportunities to grow, and set goals for the following year. Melissa and her team pull Giving Tuesday reports in DonorPerfect to set a benchmark for what they can accomplish the following year. They also analyze their Giving Tuesday campaigns in Constant Contact and on social media to understand what people respond to and apply it to their future fundraising initiatives.

Get in FORMation

Because of Giving Tuesday’s social media slant, the ability to accept donations online is a must. Your website, along with your emails and social posts, should all point to your online donation form.

Types of Online Forms

There are different types of online donations forms. Here are the most popular options, so you can choose what’s right for you. (We highly recommend #3. Read below and you’ll see why!)

  • 1. A standard online donation form on your website

    A standard website form should always be spotlighted by a bold donation button on your homepage. Once donations are received, you can manually enter gift and donor information into your records.

  • 2. A Giving Tuesday donation form

    Create buzz with a donation form that’s tailored to your campaign. Campaign-specific forms are perfect for emails and social media posts. If it doesn’t integrate with your fundraising software, be sure to block out time to manually enter gift and donor data into your system.

  • 3. A customizable integrated online donation form for your website, social media, and emails

    A flexible form that syncs with fundraising software is the best bet for time-strapped fundraisers. Customizable integrated donation forms take care of data entry and allow you to style the form to reflect your campaign theme. Some solutions offer unlimited forms. This allows you to create a form for every campaign, holiday, and social media ask you like!

3-Step Form Setup

Don’t have a donation form yet? Don’t fret! Here’s how to create a customizable integrated online donation form that looks fantastic, eliminates double data entry, empowers donors to cover your processing fees, and gets you more matching gifts. Sound like a winner? We think so, too!

STEP #1.


Collect online, monthly, mobile gifts and more with DonorPerfect Payment Services. It’s simple, secure, and seamless. Best of all, gift and donor information processed through DonorPerfect Payment Services is instantly reflected in your DonorPerfect system, so there’s no data entry on your part.

STEP #2.


Get an integrated mobile-responsive form exclusively built for DonorPerfect. (Don’t forget that 22% of online donors give via mobile, so it’s crucial to have an online form that looks great and is easy to navigate on a smartphone or tablet.)

Once you start setting up a Giving Tuesday form, make it yours. Gain donors’ trust by customizing it to reflect your organization’s logo, colors, and fields. It’s easy with our form styler – no design experience needed!

#GivingTuesday Online Donation Form

STEP #3.


Your donation form is critical to your campaign’s success, so it’s important to have it tested before the big day. Send it to staff members and have them test it by making a donation.


Get 100% of every gift? Consider opting for your form’s Donors Cover Costs feature that allows each donor to cover the small fee associated with processing a gift. That way, your Giving Tuesday processing fees could wind up being free!

You don’t have to stop at Giving Tuesday! With DonorPerfect, you can make an unlimited number of forms, including a generic donation form, monthly giving form, and campaign-specific forms as you hold fundraisers throughout the year. Check out some gorgeous examples here. Start creating your standard set of forms for every occasion!

READY TO GET ONLINE GIFTS? Call 800-848-3279 and a DonorPerfect team member will help you get started.

Watch this informative video to learn more about matching gifts!
Video: Giving Tuesday Matching Gifts


Double your gifts? Make sure to encourage your donors to submit match gift requests and make it easy for them to find out if their employer offers this fantastic benefit with DonorPerfect’s matching gifts integration. This feature alerts donors to their matching gifts options the moment they’re ready to donate – doubling their gift to you! Learn more.

You can also ask a board member or sponsor to match gifts to your organization. This is a great way to increase enthusiasm, incentivize new or larger donations, or even kick-off your end-of-year campaign.

3 Giving Tuesday Emails Guaranteed to Get You Gifts
Expert advice from Constant Contact

Giving Tuesday is right on the heels of major retail holidays like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.

It’s the perfect time for your supporters to take a break from the hustle of holiday shopping and embrace the spirit of giving.

How can your organization get gifts this Giving Tuesday?

Send a timely email to remind your supporters how much their gifts matter to you.

No matter how busy your organization is, you can send a professional looking email to your supporters in a matter of minutes. Email providers like Constant Contact make it easy with custom-made Giving Tuesday templates.

Example Giving Tuesday Email Screenshot

Want to make sure your message makes an impact?

Let’s take a look at some successful email appeals from other organizations. Use these three tips to create your own Giving Tuesday email:

1. Start with a compelling headline.

Things move fast in the inbox. You only have a few quick seconds to get peoples’ attention.

That’s why the Wellesley Education Foundation makes their message pop with a large red banner and clear headline right at the top of their email.

With just a quick glance, readers understand what they’re being asked to do: to “Give the Gift of Education.”

When writing your Giving Tuesday email, make sure to include a powerful headline like this right at the start of your message.

Wellesly Education Foundation Giving Tuesday email campaign

2. Tell a powerful story.

Now it’s time to explain why donations really matter to your organization. With so many organizations out there, why should people donate to you?

Get specific here and tell a story that pulls at heartstrings. The Pajama Program does an excellent job showing supporters how their donations make real, life-changing impact.

Think about what story your organization can tell. Strengthen your message with relevant pictures and quotes to make your message authentic and hard to ignore.

Pajama Program Example Giving Tuesday email

3. Make giving as easy as possible.

Once someone has decided to donate to your organization, it’s time for you to roll out the red carpet and give them an incredibly positive experience.

Notice how Gifford Cat Shelter draws attention to their call to action with a bright red “Donate Today” button. They also help donors decide how much to contribute by showing what specific dollar amounts are able to finance.

After clicking on your call to action button, donors should be taken directly to a mobile-responsive landing page where they can make a donation quickly and easily.

Gifford Cat Shelter Giving Tuesday email campaign example

Don’t miss out on your Giving Tuesday Gifts

With these tips, you have everything you need for your best Giving Tuesday yet! Start planning early and create a compelling email that gets you the gifts your organization needs.

Start today using Constant Contact’s Giving Tuesday template!

Social Media Templates and Tips

When it comes to Giving Tuesday, social media reigns supreme as the best channel to create instant buzz for the day-long fundraising campaign. That makes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram essential components of your Giving Tuesday outreach initiatives.

4 Social Assets to Prep Prior to Giving Tuesday

A Giving Tuesday social spreadsheet

It pays to prepare your social posts ahead of time, so all you need to do is copy and paste on the big day. Even better, a spreadsheet gives you the opportunity to record and analyze which posts are getting the most buzz leading up to Giving Tuesday so you can alter your day-of posts accordingly.

A 140 character campaign

Your Giving Tuesday campaign should say what you need to say in the amount of time it takes for a donor to scroll on past your post in their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram feed. Prep before so you can practice saying a lot with less text.

Dazzling photos

Because social media plays to short attention spans, it’s crucial to create your posts with the goal of catching eyes. Complement your ask with photos that show people the direct impact of their donations. Show them why they should give to you.

Your social media post scheduler

A social media management tool like Hootsuite can take the stress out of timing your Giving Tuesday social posts by allowing you to schedule them ahead of time.

Twitter-Friendly Templates
Your Nonprofit Can Use


When you support [ORG NAME] on #GivingTuesday,
you support [this/her/him] : [IMAGE]

A picture is worth a whole lot more than a thousand words on #GivingTuesday. Gorgeous photos that invoke warm and fuzzies, tears, or a call for justice will help your cause stand out in a sea of #GivingTuesday asks.

Giving Tuesday Twitter Post Template

To see all 5 Twitter-Friendly Social Post Templates, please download the full e-book.

Once you’ve created your campaign, you need to organize your collateral into a single, cohesive plan that aligns your messaging across direct mail, email, text, mobile, and social media.

Set up a spreadsheet with tabs for all of your communications and map out send dates and post times. Because Giving Tuesday is just one day, don’t play by the rules. Get the word out again and again to ensure your donors don’t miss the memo.

Before Giving Tuesday

Announce that your organization will be participating in Giving Tuesday 2 months prior to Giving Tuesday and again 30 days before. Once the 30 day countdown starts, post about it weekly. The day before Giving Tuesday, send out a reminder to make sure your supporters don’t forget.

On Giving Tuesday

AT 6AM: Send an email to your donors announcing the official kickoff of your campaign and give them a link to your donation form. Change your homepage to feature your #GivingTuesday form and send out social media updates to your followers.

AT 10AM: Send a second email. It should be a brief reminder about #GivingTuesday and its significance to your nonprofit. Be sure to post social media updates throughout the day to keep donors updated.

AT 11PM: Send a final email appeal to get in any last minute donations. While this may seem like a lot of emails, our experience shows that during an event like this, there’s no such thing as too much communication. Your constituents will want to know how you’re doing. Plus, if they know you’re aiming for a specific dollar amount, they’ll be excited to follow along and celebrate with you when you reach your goal.

Get social all day long on Giving Tuesday!

FROM 7AM - 11PM: Post every 2-3 hours. Make compelling asks complemented by beautiful photos and tell donors how close you are to reaching your fundraising goal for the day and reinforce the ask.

3 Best Practices for Post-Giving Tuesday Engagement
Expert advice from Constant Contact

3 Things Your Nonprofit Needs to Say After Giving Tuesday

It’s Wednesday, November 29th, 2017.

Giving Tuesday has come and gone. You’ve participated in a global day of giving, raised some impressive funds, and gained valuable learnings to apply to the next year.

Nicely done!

Now it’s time to make Giving Tuesday your launching pad for record-breaking year-end donations.

To build on your Giving Tuesday momentum, you need a thoughtful follow-up plan. Make sure you’re saying these three things to your supporters once the big day is in the books:

1. Thank you

You absolutely cannot overlook the importance of expressing gratitude to your donors. Saying “thank you” reinforces that their donation matters and increases their investment with your organization.

The most effective thank you emails are simple, straightforward, and above all, authentic.

Strong Women Strong Girls expresses their gratitude in a couple quick paragraphs with powerful sentences like: “We do not take for granted that our work would not be possible without supporters like you.”

Take this opportunity to remind supporters of what their donation makes possible. You can also use your thank you email as a chance to give something back. Strong Women Strong Girls does a great job of this by inviting donors to celebrate a successful year during their holiday open house.

Giving Tuesday thank you email Example

2. We missed you

What about the people on your email list who didn’t make a donation?

Make sure they know that Giving Tuesday isn’t the only day they can get involved. Send a thoughtful We Missed You email to let your subscribers know how important year-end donations are to meeting your organization’s goals.

Don’t be pushy here. Even if they’re not able to donate this time around, show them other ways they can help out.

Encourage supporters to share a link to your donation page from their social media channels or remind them to refer your organization directly to a friend or family member who might be able to help out.

3. Here's what we accomplished

Tip: Don’t be camera shy! Sharing a thank you video is a really engaging way to show your appreciation.

Have you ever dedicated time, energy, and resources to something without knowing if your efforts paid off?

Not a very nice feeling, is it? Definitely not something you want your donors to feel!

Instead, treat your donors like important stakeholders of your organization. Keep them informed of the specific goals you’re trying to accomplish and how you’re faring. The more transparency you offer the more invested they’ll feel.

Include anecdotal accomplishments as well as charts that show year-over-year results so your supporters know exactly where things stand and how they fit in.

Extend your Giving Tuesday success with thoughtful follow-up

Plan you follow-up in advance so you can deliver impactful messages that drive action through the end of the year and beyond!

It’s never too early to get started. You can begin drafting your Giving Tuesday email today.

5 Tools to Make Your Giving Tuesday Dreams a Reality

DonorPerfect Fundraising Software

Fundraising Growth Platform

DonorPerfect gives you all the tools you need to rally your current donor base on Giving Tuesday and turn new donors into lifelong supporters. From seamless online giving and peer-to-peer fundraising solutions to email marketing tools and custom reporting, DonorPerfect empowers you to work better together on a single platform, learn what makes your donors move, and most importantly, grow your means to make your mission a reality. And best of all, DonorPerfect integrates with all of the event solutions listed below!

Learn More
DonorPerfect Fundraising Dashboard

DonorPerfect Online Fundraising Forms

Integrated Forms for Registrations, Donations, and More

Save time, reduce costs, and raise more money for your mission on Giving Tuesday and beyond with integrated forms exclusively built for DonorPerfect and perfectly customizable to meet your organization’s unique needs. Forms include an optional Donors Cover Costs feature that allows each donor to cover the small fee associated with processing a gift. DonorPerfect Online Forms can be used for donations, event registration, memberships, volunteer signups, surveys, and more!

Learn More

Nonprofit Email Marketing

Easy-to-Use Email Marketing

Engage your supporters and track your communications’ success. Create styled and text emails using over 400 design templates - no need to be a technical expert! Receive instant reporting on opens, bounce-backs, and other critical measures and collect email addresses from website visitors.

Learn More

Text or SMS donation software

Text-to-Give and Goal Meter Solution

Empower donors to give in a flash on Giving Tuesday with DP Text, an integrated text-messaging tool that’s designed to effortlessly engage attendees and make fundraising easy. DP Text is accompanied by a live goal meter with a management panel that lets you add check and cash donations to your pledge meter with ease and keep donors posted on your progress.

Learn More

Matching Gift Search

Quick and Simple Matching Gift Search

Get more matching gifts. With Double the Donation, you can let donors know they have a matching gift option the moment they give a gift and make it easy them to submit matching gifts by providing them with all the info they need, including simple step-by-step instructions.

Learn More

If you’re interested in one, some, or all of these awesome tools, give the DonorPerfect team a call at 800.220.8111, or visit


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Establish new donor relationships that will fuel your cause all year round.


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