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Grow and energize your supporters with creative Giving Tuesday ideas designed to bring you closer to the people who make your mission possible. This guide is designed to equip and inspire you with fresh ideas to connect with donors on Giving Tuesday via social media, text, and email.



Before you create your dazzling Giving Tuesday campaign, think about the people in and beyond your network who are most likely to celebrate this global day of giving.

Here are some key groups to consider when it comes to Giving Tuesday:

Hyper-Connected Millennials
While student loans and starter salaries affect their ability to give a lot, this socially-conscious generation cares about your cause. In fact, 88% of millennials who heard of GivingTuesday gave last year.

You can leverage their limited spending capabilities in a way that keeps them connected to your cause in the future, when they’ll have more to give and have developed a strong relationship with your organization.

Social-Savvy New Donors
Giving Tuesday’s social media slant inspires everyone to share how they gave, so many people follow the lead of their friends and join in by making their first donation to an organization.

While this trend is an encouraging one, it’s important to know that 63% of Giving Tuesday donors say that they only give on that day. Instead of letting that stat disappoint you, let it be a friendly nudge for creating an awesome post-Giving Tuesday engagement plan.

Plugged-In Multichannel Donors
Multichannel donors are your most enthusiastic supporters. Giving both on and offline, they engage with you on social media, regularly respond to your emails, attend your fundraising events, and volunteer when they’re able.

The best way to harness their enthusiasm on the big day? Encourage every multichannel donor to post an “unselfie” on their social media channels so all of their followers will see they’re supporting your organization and hopefully do the same.

Essential #GivingTuesday Campaign Reports

Nonprofits that excel at reaching their donors on and beyond Giving Tuesday follow metrics that reveal how their supporters regularly engage with their organization. Know which reports will best help you track giving trends, identify donor segments, and measure campaign success this Giving Tuesday by wathcing DonorPerfect’s Expert Webcast.

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CoralAcres Mobile Donation Form


Create a Time-Saving, Money-Raising Online Form in 3 Simple Steps

Because Giving Tuesday mostly takes place on social media, the ability to accept donations online is a must. Your website, along with your emails and social posts, should all point to your online donation form.

Don’t have a donation form yet? Don’t fret! Here’s how to create a customizable integrated online donation form that looks fantastic, eliminates double data entry, lessens your processing fees, and gets you more monthly gifts. Add it to your website and link it to your emails and social posts in a snap!

Step 1. Take 5 minutes to sign up for Integrated Payment Services with DonorPerfect Online Forms.
Collect online, monthly, mobile gifts and more with DonorPerfect Payment Services. It’s simple, secure, and seamless. Best of all, gift and donor information processed through DonorPerfect Payment Services is instantly reflected in your DonorPerfect database - so there’s no data entry on your part.

Step 2. Style your Giving Tuesday donation form.
Did you know that donors are 6x more likely to give when a donation form is branded? Once you start setting up a Giving Tuesday form, make it yours. Gain donors’ trust by customizing it to reflect your organization’s logo, colors, and fields. It’s easy with our form styler - no design experience needed!

Step 3. Test the form with your staff.
Your donation form is critical to your campaign’s success, so it’s important to have it tested before the big day. Send it to staff members and have them test it by making a small donation or put your form in test mode and try it out.

How To Set Up Your Online Donation Forms

Watch this Expert Webcast to learn how easy it is to create an online giving form specifically for #GivingTuesday. We'll walk through the steps of building an online form, along with how you can make it your own using our Form Styler. Finally, you'll complete your form by ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your DonorPerfect system.

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Crowdfunding pairs the power of social media with a donor’s passion for your cause.

While your most enthusiastic supporters aren’t always the ones who are able to give big, they can still impact your Giving Tuesday goal in a significant way by joining in your crowdfunding campaign.

These stats show what just one donor can do:

  • On average, a donor can raise $568 through an individual crowdfunding page.
  • An average donation to a crowdfunding campaign is $66.
  • Over 50% of people who receive an email about a crowdfunding campaign donate.

Build your crowdfunding campaign around donor engagement.
Crowdfunding is a great way to rally your supporters around your cause by encouraging them to get their friends on board, too! The important ingredients for a successful donor engagement initiative are:

  • Emotion: Appeal to people’s generosity and desire to serve the community around them to make it a better place.
  • Simplicity: DonorPerfect Crowdfunding makes it super easy for people to create individual fundraiser pages and donate online.
  • Community: Leverage the “friend effect.” Opportunities to support causes through friends carry a lot of weight.

Choose a solution that leads to donor relationships, not just one-off gifts.
Many crowdfunding tools don’t give nonprofits donor data beyond first and last name, so you’re left unable to resolicit donors. DonorPerfect Crowdfunding pages instantly collect and reflect all donor data and gift information into your donor management system so you can re-engage with donors and retain ownership of your data.

Use a giving thermometer to display your campaign’s progress.
A giving thermometer allows organizations, individual fundraisers, and donors alike to give to and share your crowdfunding campaign with a goal in mind. On average, crowdfunding campaigns paired with a meter raise 35% more.

How To Create Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Go for your goal and beyond on Giving Tuesday with DonorPerfect Crowdfunding. This Expert Webcast will show you best practices for creating and promoting crowdfunding campaigns, along with detailing the unique benefits DonorPerfect Crowdfunding provides nonprofits.

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A monthly giving program is the most effective and effortless way to retain Giving Tuesday donor support beyond the 24-hour social media buzz.

On average, nonprofits who launch a monthly giving program using DonorPerfect boost their donor retention rate by up to 90%, so it’s important to spotlight your monthly giving program on social media, emails, and your donation form itself for Giving Tuesday.

Monthly Gifts: A Perfect Way for Millennials to Pitch In

Given their post-college financial constraints, millennials prefer the ability to show their support without a huge financial commitment, which is why 52% of them say they’d be interested in setting up a monthly donation toward a cause they care about for a small amount they’ll barely notice.

While a $10 a month contribution from a millennial donor may not seem like much, multiply that by 100 and that’s an extra $12,000 you can put toward your mission every year. And don’t forget that as they move up in their careers, millennials will increase their gift amounts to you substantially.

Begin building meaningful relationships today with the donor group that will sustain your organization’s future by turning their Giving Tuesday gifts into opportunities to support your mission for the long haul.

Don’t Have a Monthly Giving Program?

Download this free Monthly Giving Starter Kit that includes everything you need to get prepped to accept recurring gifts on Giving Tuesday.

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Instagram mock-up Template



As Executive Director of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Melissa Sciacca leverages over a decade of experience in wildlife conservation to support, promote, and expand her organization. Here are Melissa’s top tips to help you create a campaign that resonates on the nonprofit community’s biggest day of the year.

1. Create original blog and video content that compels people to give.
“So much of our fundraising and retention efforts are centered around rich content,“ Melissa says. “We connect our supporters to the work we’re doing on the ground in ways they can relate to. It takes a lot of effort to maintain that connection between our work in Africa and our donors in the states, but we create content that shows our mission as something people want to get behind.”

2. Make your Giving Tuesday ask goal-oriented.
“Be specific about what you’re asking them for so they can see a direct impact,” she advises. “Nonprofits fall into a trap of generating a general ask on Giving Tuesday when they should be promoting a specific campaign.” Think compelling, creative, fun. A memorable campaign is a successful one.

3. Offer an added benefit to participating on Giving Tuesday.
Melissa says, “Be sure to motivate your supporters with a reason to give beyond the fact that it’s Giving Tuesday.” For example, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust obtains sponsors so they can offer matched giving. Ask yourself, “What makes this ask different than any of the other ones we do?”

4. Set yourself apart from the rest of the participating nonprofits.
“Every nonprofit is competing for space on Giving Tuesday, so you’ve got to do something that makes you stand out.” Melissa believes it’s best to flip the script and “customize Giving Tuesday to your mission. Show supporters the direct alignment in your messaging and marketing.”

5. Learn from your Giving Tuesday experience.
The day after Giving Tuesday is a day to celebrate your successes, pinpoint opportunities to grow, and set goals for the following year. Melissa pulls Giving Tuesday reports in DonorPerfect to set a benchmark for what her team can accomplish the next year. She also analyzes their Giving Tuesday campaigns in Constant Contact and on social media to understand what people respond to so they can apply those learnings in the future.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust volunteer


pile of newspapers


Online giving has revolutionized the way we react to current events, from natural disasters and national tragedies to policy changes and social movements. The aptly-named “rage donation” gives us an outlet when no one seems to be listening and a small sense of power when we feel utterly helpless.

rage donation - noun - a donation driven by an emotional response to a recent event

Does your organization directly impact a cause in the headlines today? Get the funds to intervene when your constituents need you the most.

3 Ways to Raise Money and Mobilize Advocates on #GivingTuesday

1. Turn slacktivists into supporters with timely asks on social media.
Imagine if everyone who reacted to an issue on social media paired their post with a donation to a nonprofit that could make a difference. That’s exactly what’s happening every day across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Be sure to tailor at least some of your Giving Tuesday outreach on social media to how your mission is affecting the change donors want to see - and don’t forget to include a link to your donation page.

slacktivist - noun - a pairing of the words “slacker” and “activist”, a term that refers to a person who takes a stance on a cause without any action or effort

2. Encourage donors to create crowdfunding pages on your behalf.
If someone posts about current events on social media, they want their followers to engage in the topic with them. Empower your supporters to do more than start a conversation by inviting them to create individual crowdfunding pages to raise money for your organization.

3. Create a Take Action webpage sharing other ways donors can help.
Outline specific actions supporters can take beyond donating, like:

  • Contacting their representatives to voice their support or opposition (Quick Tip: Votility makes it easy to populate a donor's government representative info into your campaign emails, so they’ll have everything they need to advocate for you.)
  • Donating goods that will benefit constituents in their time of need
  • Volunteering to help your organization with social media



When it comes to Giving Tuesday, social media reigns supreme as the best channel to create instant buzz for the day-long fundraising campaign. That makes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram essential components of your Giving Tuesday outreach initiatives.

Create a #GivingTuesday Ambassador Program

This clever #givingtuesdayidea is brought to you by Founder of Nonprofit Tech for Good and best-selling author Heather Mansfield. Follow her on Twitter for nonprofit tips, best practices, and inspiration @NonprofitOrgs.

In addition to using your organization’s own social media profiles, launch a #GivingTuesday Ambassador Program.

1. Create an ambassador sign up page on your website and then immediately provide your new ambassadors, through email, promo text and social media graphics and avatars for #GivingTuesday.

2. In the weeks leading up #GivingTuesday, email your ambassadors and ask them to update their social media profiles. Email them again the day before to provide encouragement and last minute updates.

3. If applicable, in the weeks leading up to #GivingTuesday, ask your ambassadors to create a fundraising page for your #GivingTuesday campaign.

4. On #GivingTuesday, activate your ambassadors! Send them multiple emails and retweet, share, like, etc. their promotion efforts on #GivingTuesday.

5. After #GivingTuesday, follow-up with a “Thank you!” and save the date the for #GivingTuesday 2019.

Get 5 Twitter-Friendly Social Post Templates Your Nonprofit Can Use in the Full Guide

Mockup of twitter post



How to Create an Effective Giving Tuesday Email

No matter how busy your organization is, you can send a professional-looking email to your supporters in a matter of minutes. Email providers, like Constant Contact, make it easy with custom made #GivingTuesday templates.

1. Start with an eye-catching subject line and headline.
Things move quickly in the inbox. You only have a few quick seconds to get people’s attention. Make your message pop with a punchy subject line and clear headline right at the top of your email. With just a quick glance, readers understand what they’re being asked to do.

2. Tell a powerful story.
Now it’s time to explain why donations really matter to your organization. With so many organizations out there, why should people donate to you? Get specific here and tell a story that pulls at heartstrings. Show supporters how their donations make a real, life-changing impact and strengthen your message with relevant pictures and quotes to make your message authentic and hard to ignore.

3. Make giving as easy as possible.
Once someone has decided to donate to your organization, it’s time for you to roll out the red carpet and give them an incredibly positive experience. Draw attention to your call to action with a bright “Donate Today” button. After clicking on your call to action button, donors should be taken directly to a mobile-responsive landing page where they can make a donation quickly and easily.

HERO IMAGE: Celebrate #GivingTuesday by Sponsoring Arts Education for a Student in Need
Ava dreams of becoming a web designer but her school lacks the funding
Donate to Arts Education to give Ava the skills she needs

Email Fundraising With Constant Contact and DonorPerfect

Develop an email campaign to promote your #GivingTuesday! During this Expert Webcast, we will review how to create a dynamic email list to target donors that have not already given through your Giving Tuesday online form so you're soliciting the appropriate constituents. We will also provide 3 helpful tips to make sure your email message makes an impact with your donors.

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Fundraising Growth Platform
DonorPerfect gives you all the tools you need to rally your current donor base on Giving Tuesday and turn new donors into lifelong supporters. From seamless online giving and crowdfunding to email marketing tools and custom reporting, DonorPerfect empowers you to grow your means to make your mission a reality.

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DonorPerfect Crowdfunding

Easy, Effortless Fundraising Pages for Donors
Give donors the ability to create and share donation pages to fundraise for you with DonorPerfect Crowdfunding. Simple form setup for you and your supporters allows you to create shareable campaigns in a snap. Easily track individual and overall progress and save time on data entry with seamless DonorPerfect integration.

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DonorPerfect Online Forms

Integrated Forms for Registrations, Donations, and More
Save time, reduce costs, and raise more money on Giving Tuesday with integrated forms exclusively built for DonorPerfect and perfectly customizable to meet your organization’s unique needs. DonorPerfect Online Forms can be used for online donations, monthly gifts, mobile gifts, events, and volunteers!

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DP Text

Empower donors to give in a flash on Giving Tuesday with DP Text, an integrated text-messaging tool that’s designed to effortlessly engage donors throughout the day. Stay in touch in real time and update your supporters on your #GivingTuesday goal progress so they’ll give more and share your campaign.

Learn More

Constant Contact

Easy-to-Use Email Marketing
Engage your supporters and track your communications’ success. Create styled and text emails using over 400 design templates - no need to be a technical expert! Receive instant reporting on opens, bounce-backs, and other critical measures and collect email addresses from website visitors.

Learn More

Double the Donation

Quick and Simple Matching Gift Search
Get more matching gifts. With Double the Donation, DonorPerfect’s matching gift feature, you can let donors know they have a matching gift option the moment they give a gift and make it easy for them to submit matching gifts by providing all the info they need, including simple step-by-step instructions.

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Nonprofit Website Builder
Connect with donors online on Giving Tuesday and throughout the year with a stunning website from GiveCloud. Specifically designed with ease of use in mind, GiveCloud equips nonprofit professionals with drag-and-drop website templates that enable you to add and edit content without design or coding experience.

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DP Giving Meter

Online Giving Meter
Show donors how close you are to your goal in an instant with a giving meter on your website. Create your online giving meter in seconds to boost donations on Giving Tuesday and for any other campaign you choose.

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To learn more about one, some, or all of these awesome tools, contact a DonorPerfect expert today!

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