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#GivingTuesday Sets New Highs For Online Donations

#givingtuesday sets new highs for online donations on the donorperfect platform

Editor’s note: Updated as of 5PM on 11/29

Organizations using DonorPerfect saw a 47% increase over last year’s #GivingTuesday fundraising performance. Online giving increased 41.5% compared to 2016. Mobile and tablet devices were used for 35% of online donations.

Past, Present, and Future of #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday got its start in 2012, when a team of visionaries at the 92nd Street Y in New York conceived of a day of giving around the holidays that celebrates generosity and kindness by giving to nonprofit organizations. In the same way that Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off the holiday shopping season, #GivingTuesday kicks off the giving season, highlighting the true meaning of what this time of year is all about.

This philanthropic holiday sets itself apart as a social media celebration, hence the hashtag you often see associated with it (#GivingTuesday). Donors who give to charities on #GivingTuesday often share about their favorite causes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and encourage their friends to give, too.

Entering the 6th annual day of giving, Henry Timms, Executive Director of 92Y and a co-creator of #GivingTuesday, cited three trends he’s predicting for the future of #GivingTuesday fundraising.

GivingTuesday Trends and Predictions:

  • One: it’s going to be more global. #GivingTuesday will continue to become much more global with leaders in each country helping to grow and bolster the movement.
  • Two: it will become more local. What’s interesting about #GivingTuesday is the bigger it’s gotten, the smaller it’s gotten There are a lot of city campaigns, block campaigns, or ‘give where you live’ campaigns. The scale of the movement on social media, in practical terms, means it’s actually getting quite smaller in some ways, which I think is really an effective development.
  • And three: It’s becoming more human: #GivingTuesday is at a scale right now where those that are successful are seeing it as an opportunity to engage more people fully in their causes.

“The big shift with #GivingTuesday is being replicated in philanthropy more generally,” says Timms, “which is the shift of us thinking about people less as donors and more as owners of causes. What we’ll see with #GivingTuesday is that the organizations that are going to get ahead are really going to put the cause and the fundraising in the hands of their communities.”

Growth In #GivingTuesday Donations

In the 5 years since #GivingTuesday began, donations have steadily risen on this day, up from $12 million in 2012 to over $168 million in 2016. Download the infographic for more detail.

Last year, nonprofit organizations that use DonorPerfect to track, manage and collect donations:

  • Experienced a 27% increase in 2016 #GivingTuesday donations over 2015
  • Saw online donations rise 48% from 2015
  • Received an average online gift amounting to $158.38

This year, based on activity we’ve seen on the DonorPerfect platform leading up to #GivingTuesday, we are predicting an even bigger success across the nonprofit landscape: an increase of 23% to exceed $206 million in total gifts. Watch the video below for more!


Live at 92Y



Jon Biedermann, Vice President of DonorPerfect, spent #GivingTuesday on-site at the 92nd St. Y to join the team in monitoring #GivingTuesday campaigns around the world and to give back to the local community.

Activities at 92Y include tracking gift data from several fundraising products (including DonorPerfect) and a real-time social media monitoring station showing #GivingTuesday campaigns and activations across the globe.

Asha Curran, Chief Innovation Officer at 92Y, joined Jon for a live webcast interview on, where Jon noted that according to the data, #GivingTuesday donations do not impact end of year giving, and Asha shared her perspective that people give on #GivingTuesday because it’s a joyful act and a celebration of philanthropy, not an activity based in guilt.  

GivingTuesdayPerhaps the most meaningful activitygoing on at 92Y today is the community-building. From assembling hygiene kits for the homeless, to knitting caps for premature babies, to sharing the worldwide support of this viral phenomenon, #GivingTuesday has been a success for the millions of organizations across the globe.

Prepare for Your Next GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday is fast approaching. DonorPerfect is a strong supporter of GivingTuesday and a proud supporter of our users. We’ve created a useful resource to help you build Great GivingTuesday Campaigns. We pulled together examples of effective email templates, social media strategies and other tips to help activate your donor base this november!

Get GivingTuesday Campaign Ideas:

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