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Giving Tuesday Campaign Ideas for 2020: 7 Ways to Attract and Retain Donors

Giving Tuesday Campaign Ideas for 2020: 7 Ways to Attract and Retain Donors

With millions of donors participating across the globe each year, Giving Tuesday offers your nonprofit a shining opportunity to grow your donor base.

Of course, participation doesn’t come without some extra tasks to do. You know better than anyone that donor engagement takes time, teamwork, and lots of creativity.

But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with Giving Tuesday strategies, communication templates, and recommendations for tools that serve as valuable time-savers now and throughout the year.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving founded by the 92nd Street Y. This hashtag holiday (often referred to as #GivingTuesday) encourages millions of donors around the world to support their favorite nonprofits by donating to their cause and sharing about them on social media and via email.

When is Giving Tuesday 2020?

Giving Tuesday takes place on December 1, 2020.

That means it’s time to start preparing!

7 Ways to Attract and Retain Giving Tuesday Donors

To make your Giving Tuesday campaign garner maximum ROI, check out the tips below:

  1. Plan Your Giving Tuesday Experience
  2. Create a Dedicated Donation Form
  3. Emphasize Donor Impact
  4. Recruit Donors via Crowdfunding
  5. Communicate Progress Updates
  6. Spotlight Donors on Social Media
  7. Refresh Your Welcome Series

Giving Tuesday Idea #1

Plan an Engaging Giving Tuesday Experience

The first step to building your Giving Tuesday campaign is crafting a donor journey that will wow donors who’ve just discovered your organization. Your #GivingTuesday Game Plan is a complete digital fundraising resource hub designed to help you do just that.

This one-stop-shop for all of your Giving Tuesday needs includes:

  • A Giving Tuesday campaign planning worksheet
  • Email, social media, and crowdfunding campaign templates
  • Giving Tuesday donation form tips and best practices
  • A whole set of email templates for post-Giving Tuesday cultivation

Giving Tuesday Idea #2

Create a Dedicated Giving Tuesday Donation Form

Want to turn your Giving Tuesday donation form into a money-raising powerhouse?

Of course you do.

Let’s start with the basics, as in, don’t be basic.

When we’re referring to an undying affinity for pumpkin spice lattes, “basic” can be quite nice. But when it comes to your Giving Tuesday donation form, basic is not the way to go.

Your Giving Tuesday donors specifically desire to participate in that specific campaign, so just like any other holiday calls for seasonally appropriate trim, your form should reflect the excitement and heart that sets this special giving day apart.

In other words, it should be anything but basic.

Screenshot of optimized online donation form used by nonprofit on GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday Idea #3

Emphasize Donor Impact on Every Channel

Can you guess the star of every successful Giving Tuesday campaign?


No matter your mission, centering the impact of a donor’s gift at the heart of your campaign is sure to convert better than any other message. That’s because when impact is the star, your donor becomes the hero.

To effectively communicate a donor’s impact, share about the:


Who or what will be positively impacted by their gift?


What will their gift afford? For example, “Your gift will provide a shelter pet with food and much-needed veterinary care.”


Why are you asking for support? Address the need that a donor can fulfill by donating to your Giving Tuesday campaign.

And remember, each donor engages differently, so make the most of Giving Tuesday by creating a multichannel campaign. Share the details, photos, and testimonials that make giving to your organization a must via email, social media, and your website.

Giving Tuesday Idea #4

Recruit Donors to Promote Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

The best part about nonprofit crowdfunding?

You’ve got a ready-made crew of fundraisers by your side promoting your campaign!

Many nonprofits – especially ones with lean teams – look to crowdfunding to supplement their staff with enthusiastic supporters who would love nothing more than to create a fundraising page for their organization.

All you need to do is send your board members, donors, and local schools an email with a link to your nonprofit’s crowdfunding campaign and invite them to create their own fundraising pages in support of your Giving Tuesday campaign.

Once they create their pages, they can share them with family and friends and next thing you know, your campaign has reached more people than you can count. Best of all, you didn’t have to do a thing beyond setting up your crowdfunding page and send a couple emails.

We mean it. Crowdfunding is one of the easiest, effective ways to grow your donor community.

Watch to see how easy crowdfunding can be:

DonorPerfect Nonprofit Crowdfunding Video

Ready to transform folks who believe in your cause into D.I.Y. fundraisers? Learn more about DonorPerfect Crowdfunding.

Giving Tuesday Idea #5

Drum Up Excitement with Progress Updates

Treat your Giving Tuesday supporters like the stakeholders they are by keeping them posted on how close you are to reaching your goal for the day. Letting folks know that you’re just $300 away from your goal with 2 hours to go can encourage them to share about your campaign to friends and family or prompt them to give that one last gift to get you over the finish line.

Screenshot of tweet from a social services nonprofit informing followers of an approaching GivingTuesday donation deadline

Giving Tuesday Idea #6

Spotlight Donors on Social Media Throughout the Day

Say thanks and get more gifts by calling out your supporters on social media. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

How to thank your nonprofit’s supporters and increase participation:

  1. Search your campaign hashtag to see the unselfies posted by your donors.
  2. Right click and save the unselfie images to your desktop.
  3. Tag the donors in your post and share how their gifts translate to good. Be specific! Not sure how? Check out this example.
Screenshot of a nonprofit's tweet thanking a supporter for their donation, with the supporters username tagged

Giving Tuesday Idea #7

Refresh Your New Donor Welcome Series

Giving Tuesday doesn’t have to be a one-day affair.

Welcome Wednesday and weeks following provide you with many opportunities to introduce new donors to the community that sets your organization apart.

What is Welcome Wednesday?

Welcome Wednesday is the day following Giving Tuesday. In 2020, Welcome Wednesday is December 2nd. This is the day you’ll thank your donors for their generous contributions and let them know how much you raised together as a community. For new donors, your Welcome Wednesday strategy should encompass an update to your new donor welcome series. This will introduce new donors to your nonprofit’s special projects and events as well as keep them informed on the impact their gifts create.

Don’t skip this crucial step. Give your new donor welcome series the love it needs so the new donors you gain on Giving Tuesday stay with your organization for the long term.

You’ve Got This!

To help you accomplish your Giving Tuesday goals, we’ve created template kits for both your Giving Tuesday campaign and your new donor welcome series. Provide your email address in the form below and we’ll send it over to you right away.

And one last thing: No matter what you achieve through your Giving Tuesday campaign, celebrate it. Hitting a number is wonderful but don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to bask in how your donor community bands together to support you if you happen to fall short.

Remember, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that a strong and enthusiastic donor community can support your nonprofit through the most challenging of times. So no matter how many people make your mission their own as a result of Giving Tuesday, you have all the reasons to feel accomplished, empowered, and encouraged.

Get The #GivingTuesday Fundraising Template Kit and The New Donor Welcome Series Email Template Kit

Just tell us where to send them and you’re set!

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