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New Client Webinar

The New Client Webinar is offered to all new DonorPerfect clients, even those switching from DonorPerfect Installed to Online. It is recommended as a tool for transitioning from implementation to a live DonorPerfect system. The webinar is offered every Friday, for an hour, at 1PM Eastern.

New Client Webinar

Join us for a FREE webinar each Friday from 1PM – 1:45PM Eastern.

In this FREE webinar we will cover:

  • Code Maintenance (add a code)
  • Import
  • Constant Contact
  • Record Search/Add
  • Survey Reminder
  • Contacting Support
  • Activation Emails
  • Accessing DonorPerfect.com
  • Accessing DonorPerfect.net
  • DPO Menus
  • Help Menu
  • User Security (adding a user)

Suggested Audience: This session geared towards new DonorPerfect clients.

Dates and Times:
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