DonorPerfect Insights


DonorPerfect Insights

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DonorPerfect runs your contact list through multiple databases with up to 1,200 attributes related to wealth, interests, education, demographics, and more. Using predictive analytics, you will gain insights into your supporters’ ability to give to your mission, and how to best connect with them.

DonorPerfect Insights Features

Discover who your donors are as people

  • Segment contacts by generation, education, gender, industry, and state
  • Develop donor personas to craft the perfect messaging for identified donor groups
  • Prioritize your prospects for further engagement
  • Leverage wealth screening to identify major donors

Organize your outreach by giving capacity

  • Create a giving pyramid to categorize donors and prospects by giving level
  • Ask the appropriate donation amount based on predicted giving capacity
  • Increase average donation size by tailoring ask amounts to each campaign
  • Determine which supporters to spend the most time nurturing

Finesse your fundraising campaign strategies

  • Increase response rates by predicting donors’ preferred communication
  • Optimize campaigns with predicted responsiveness scores
  • Prioritize donor outreach tasks to save time and resources
  • Single out constituents for drip campaigns and giving programs

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